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       Service commitment

       In order to ensure the normal production of your company and the reputation of our company, we make a commitment to your after-sales service:
This machine is issued, the day after the company received the machine, our company engineering and technical personnel received notice, and in, electricity, gas and other facilities and related items according to the technical requirements in place, within 24 hours to the scene of the equipment installation, commissioning and training of personnel (including operation, maintenance and common troubleshooting method etc.).
* when your company is in use process, machine failure occurs firstly solved by telephone (by our trained operators), for replacement, we will send the form to express or logistics. Major failure and inability to rule out, I Division in the notification within 24 hours of arrival, to help guide the maintenance, troubleshooting in a timely manner, as soon as possible to resume normal production.
When we are. There is a significant improvement, we will provide information to your company, and according to the user's request, we will take the cost improvement.
The vulnerability of the list company. I randomly, at the same time provide spare parts.
Terms of service
The company's products from the date of sale, in accordance with state regulations, the           warranty is as follows:
1, after the purchase of the user, must strictly look at the manual, operation.
2, in the warranty period, the user does not follow the instructions for the correct operation, use, maintenance, maintenance or private
Self demolition of parts caused by damage to the warranty is not listed. But the company is still under repair, the cost of the user's own.
3, warranty period: mechanical parts warranty for one year. Electrical components warranty for six months.

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