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Want to know the quality of labeling machine, can not do not know for the standard device work agencies


Although the appearance from the device, there is no particular highlight, but check the equipment quality is good or bad? Had to start from the machine several major operating agencies.
  The main working mechanism of the labeling machine: from the standard device, marking device, printing device, glue device and interlock device composed of several parts.
  For the standard device. The standard device refers to the labeling process, the label can be a certain process requirements for the delivery of the device.
  The standard device is usually composed of the standard and the standard device, which is the storage of the label device, also known as the standard box. It can be designed according to the requirements of a fixed or swing, and its structure has two kinds of frame and box type, box marked with more.
  It is mainly composed of a bottom plate and two side panels, the two sides of the board spacing adjustable to adapt to the size of the label changes, adjust the general use of spiral devices, marked on both sides of the front door with claws, needle, claw or Comb teeth and other different forms of structure, its role is to prevent the label from the standard warehouse drop, while in the process of marking the label can be separated by Zhang. Standard marked with a standard device, so that the front of the label can be removed after the continuous complement.
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