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Functional labeling machine for sale, the brand effect spread up


  Product labeling, the correct rate of labeling and aesthetics, will affect the brand effect of the product, choose a suitable labeling machine, and therefore become particularly important. Multi-function labeling machine manufacturers to remind the bulk: a good labeling machine is the work of the competent Gan Gan, but also the necessary propaganda product promotion. The
  Labeling machine type: divided into linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine.
  The main categories are: automatic vertical round bottle labeling machine, automatic horizontal round bottle labeling machine, automatic corner labeling machine, automatic red wine labeling machine, flat labeling machine, automatic plane assembly head , From top to bottom adhesive labeling machine, bilateral pneumatic labeling machine, unilateral labeling machine, semi-automatic plane labeling machine, semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine.
  Labeling machine classification:
  1. According to different viscose coating method, can be divided into self-adhesive labeling machine, paste labeling machine (on the paste labeling machine, glue labeling machine) and hot melt adhesive labeling machine several categories.
  2. According to the degree of automation points, can be divided into manual labeling machine, semi-automatic and automatic several categories.
  3. According to the realization of different labeling function points, can be divided into flattening machine, double-sided labeling machine, side labeling and round labeling machine category.
  These products can be completed by the surface paste, single or multi-sided packaging paste, paste the cylinder, local coverage or full coverage of the cylinder paste, depression and corner parts paste and so on.
From the labeling, the correct rate, to show the effect of every detail on the product of the brand effect, have an important role. For more information on the multi-purpose labeling machine, please visit: http: //

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